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Abrasive powder
  • Abrasive powder
  • Abrasive powder
  • Abrasive powder

Abrasive powder

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Brand:Побугского завода абразивов
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Effect of application

When sandblasting the speed of an abrasive and air or hydroabrasive stream can be regulated, trying to obtain different extent of purification of metal. And on intensity of influence distinguish three options of similar processing:

1. Initial degree ochistkinachalny extent of cleaning assumes release of metal from traces of oxides (a rust or a film), welding defects (scale and a prigar) and an old paint and varnish covering (LKP). Initial cleaning comes to the end after destruction of visually distinguishable defects.

2. Average degree ochistkisredny extent of cleaning assumes elimination of a rust, LKP, scale and dirt from 90-95 percent of surface area of a metal construction. That is after such cleaning on a surface there can be turbidity and small spots of a rust or paint.

3. Deep degree ochistkigluboky extent of cleaning predpolagt processing of 100 percent of surface area of a metal construction. At deep cleaning the surface is ground to a condition of "mirror" — emergence of characteristic gloss of metal. Defects of a surface are indiscernible even at sixfold increase.

Extent of cleaning of a metal construction is defined by the technologist setting technical requirements for results of this operation. And initial and average extent of cleaning will be applied by preparation of a design for coloring or priming. Deep cleaning is used for increase in presentableness of an exterior of a design or as the obligatory operation preceding difficult anticorrosive processing (galvanizing, chromium plating and other).

After abrazivnostruyny cleaning quality of painting of a surface increases many times thanks to what the term of operation of any covering increases up to 15-20 years.

Shipment of an abrasive

Abrasive powder is packed into the strengthened soft containers μR - 1 (Big-Beg) with a capacity of 1 ton with two polyethylene inserts.

Water-proof packing provides a possibility of storage of an abrasive on the open area, including at adverse weather conditions (a rain, snow) without change of properties.

Sale of goods is carried out on the basis of the signed contracts. Shipment is carried out on a 100% advance payment of a consignment of goods, by transfer of money to the settlement account of the seller.

Terms of delivery soglasovutsya separately in contracts according to the rules Incoterms 2010. Goods can be delivered a car, sea or by rail. Car and zhd only vrkhny loading.

Big-Beg (capacity - 1 ton) Technical characteristics

Average productivity of processing of surfaces 17 sq.m an hour
Sanitary restrictions for use No
Actual expense of an abrasive on 1 square meter 20-30 kg.
The maximum purity of the processed surface (ISO 8501-1-1988) Sa 3
Brand:Побугского завода абразивов
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 27.03.2018
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